Bubble watch: Tech company tries to give journalist IPO shares

Pat LaCroix | Stone | Getty Images

Despite the recent pull-back in many tech stocks, some start-ups will still go to remarkable measures to get good press.

So much so that at least one was willing to offer IPO shares to a CNN Money journalist who had covered the company in the past (he declined the offer).

The reporter, Adam Lashinsky, called the offer "slimy," and said it reminded him of nothing so much as the last time the tech sector was dramatically over-valued.

I realized that I finally had tangible confirmation that we are squarely in the middle of a tech-company bubble.

Maybe it's current tech valuations, or maybe it's something about Silicon Valley culture in general.

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(Incidentally, all employees of CNBC are forbidden from owning the stock of any company, let alone IPO shares.)

The story, at CNN Money, is as much about tech journalism as the tech market, but still worth noting for bubble watchers.