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CNBC Meets: Matt Damon, part one

CNBC Meets' Tania Bryer meets actor, screenwriter and philanthropist Matt Damon, who delves into his early years at college and his big break in the film world.

Damon attended Harvard University but fell 12 credits short of graduating as he had to regularly take time off for auditions and to appear in the film "Geronimo."

While Damon joked that he was safe in the company of famous, successful drop outs (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates) and that his time at the Ivy League institution still proved beneficial: it was at Harvard in a playwriting class that he began to write the screenplay for "Good Will Hunting."

The 1997 film, which was written by Damon and Ben Affleck and starred them both, launched the movie career of the pair. Damon and Affleck won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Damon was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.

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  • Tania Bryer is a guest presenter and executive producer of CNBC Meets. In this series, she profiles some of the world’s most successful business people to find out what makes them tick. Bryer previously worked for BBC and Sky Television.