National Research Corporation discusses the importance of executive leader rounding and its value for organizational success in Quality Progress

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LINCOLN, Neb., May 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National Research Corporation is excited to announce a recent article, "Executive leader rounding broadens hospital quality accountability," published in the May edition of Quality Progress, a peer-reviewed journal by the American Society for Quality.

In the article, Dr. Volland discusses the benefits of executive leader rounding and the role it plays in meeting the required mandates of the recent healthcare legislation changes while also improving quality outcomes and organizational culture change.

The article outlines the benefits of implementing executive leadership and C-suite rounding processes and how it encourages accountability among staff; the relationship of organizational quality care in the public perception and marketplace; and how leader rounding goes beyond the healthcare industry to affect consumers of all kinds.

"In this rapidly changing healthcare environment, quality must be owned by the entire leadership team. Having a roadmap helps to ensure, not only action, but also success," Volland writes in her article.

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Dr. Volland's role at National Research includes oversight of program development for the Patient Experience, Patient Outreach, Medical Group, and Payer programs and as faculty for The Governance Institute. Prior to National Research, she worked in administration as Vice President of Nursing at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Assistant Vice President of Operations at Valley Baptist Medical Center.

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