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This stock could deliver big on earnings

This stock could deliver big on earnings

Forget the Oscars, Grammys or Emmys. This is the moment media executives are really waiting for.

That's because it's earnings week for companies such as CBS, Disney, News Corp and Scripps Networks. One strategist is a big fan of DirecTV, a company that reported earnings Tuesday morning.

"DirecTV has incredible growth potential," said Gina Sanchez, founder of Chantico Global. "Most cable operators are losing subscribers where DirecTV is not only adding subscribers but also, they're adding in revenue per subscriber. This is a great growth profile."

The company now has more than 38 million subscribers, with nearly 12 million in Latin America. However, Latin America was the source of the biggest pain for DirecTV this quarter; a devalued Venezuelan bolivar caused the company to write down $281 million. But it's a potential merger that has Sanchez, a CNBC contributor, most excited.

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"I think that this is an incredible opportunity if it goes through," Sanchez said. "They still have some competition from Dish, but I think that DirecTV has the best growth profile of the two. It's why I'm betting that's where AT&T will go and that will make this an incredibly interesting stock to hold."

Richard Ross, global technical strategist at Auerbach Grayson, believes the technicals are also bullish on DirecTV. He sees the stock as trading into a "triangle" or "coil" pattern.

"You can call it a coil, you can call it wedge, you can call it a ham sandwich," said Ross, "but you can only trade it one way and that's in the direction of the breakout from the pattern. In this case, that breakout is higher from the triangle. We want to trade in the direction of the break, meaning we want to be a buyer here for continued upside."

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Ross, a "Talking Numbers" contributor, says DirecTV shares could trade as high as $90. Although Ross likes the stock in the short term, he cautions investors on the longer term.

"Just because a stock is 'too high', it doesn't mean it can't go higher," Ross said. "But, keep in mind this is not an early call. This is really a momentum call in the short term here. Strength begets strength. I think it does go higher, but you want to keep some stops in mind in case things do go awry."

To see the full discussion, with Sanchez on the fundamentals and Ross on the technicals, watch the video above.

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