Intelligent Highway Solutions to Test Low Cost, Energy Efficient Lighting Solution for Medical Marijuana Growers Nationwide

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:IHSI), announced its plans of a pilot test for a lighting solution with a legal grower of medical marijuana. The SSD Full Spectrum fixture provides a digital lighting platform to deliver ultraviolet light as well as an enhanced white light spectrum required for the optimum growth of cannabis plants. This fixture is intended to replace all metal halide, sodium HID lamps, as well as most current LED sources which the Company believes represents a large percentage of all lighting fixtures that are currently being used for the medical marijuana industry today. The new fixture uses approximately 85% less energy than the sodium and metal halide HID lamps and provides more than 400% of the required energy in the proper wavelengths for photosynthesis versus HID lamps.

The lights use multiple material systems and some of the latest semiconductor technology providing the entire growth spectrum of wavelengths for optimal growth of cannabis plants. The light is UL, CEO and RoHS certified (certifications which allow sales in the United States and the European Union).

Intelligent Highway Solutions has been awarded exclusive distribution rights from the light designer and fabricator to market the fixtures in specific geographic areas under a distribution agreement (subject to terms and conditions including exclusivity for certain states and Canada, the need for minimum sales of $1.5 million to maintain the exclusivity, and a base term of two years with extensions).

The legal medical marijuana industry is one of the fast growing industries in the world today. With a total market size estimated to be at least $40 billion worldwide, and there is considerable upside as new states pass legislation to embrace the use of medical marijuana. To date, 20 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. There are additional states that are considering legalizing medical marijuana.

Why is efficient controlled lighting important? The marijuana plant is a photoperiod plant which means that it can be triggered into flowering or conversely, it can be triggered to a premature end to its vegetative state by reducing the amount of light hours to less than 12 during the day. As long as there are less than 12 hours of darkness, marijuana growers can trick the plant into remaining in a vegetative state resulting in a healthier, larger plant with better yield. In fact, some growers believe more than 20 hours of light is best for the plant with only a few hours of darkness. Therefore energy is a significant equation in the overall cost to produce medical marijuana indoors. The right energy with the light spectrum is equally important.

Devon Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Highway Solutions stated, "We know the technology is excellent and it is one of our ambitious goals to become one of the premier lighting choices for growers of medical marijuana. This is a very large opportunity."

Mr. Jones continued, "It is very important to us we communicate very clearly to our shareholders that it is our intent to sell to the medical marijuana growers in the states that have already approved marijuana for medical use. This opportunity has been presented to us because of the formation of what some people are calling the next great American industry witch is simply an extension or a new vertical market for our company."

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