Caribbean International Holdings (CIHN) Announces Deal With Executive Services Consultant; Long Time Industry Insider to Help Steer Company During This Stage of Expansion; Will Provide Day-to-Day Executive Services Assistance for Company

SARASOTA, Fla., May 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caribbean International Holdings (Pink Sheets:CIHN) through its subsidiary, Regenerative BioScience, Inc., ("RBS") announced today that it was close to completing its search to acquire the services of an experienced consultant to provide executive services assistance to the Company's Board & Officers to help lead the Company into and through this period of expected expansion of the company's assets, maximize revenue, brand the Company's services and increase shareholder value.

The candidate is a long time industry insider and a turnaround specialist who has acted as Chairman, General Counsel, CEO and/or President, at various times, of a number of emerging public companies.

Steven Swank, Chairman and CEO of Caribbean International Holdings, stated, "He has specific experience with companies that are at our company's stage of development."

"In fact, he and I are planning to meet with the Dr. Leonel Liriano, the Company's Medical Director and the Company's Advisory Board Member, Rafael Gonzalez, Ph.D., on May 15th to the 17th, when Dr. Gonzalez will be a guest speaker at the 22nd Annual World Congress on ANTI-AGING, REGENERATIVE & AESTHETIC MEDICINE, in Orlando, Florida. It will give him a chance to plan the Company's next steps, map out its short and long time visions and to learn the history of the Company, meet its key players and to establish a bond between them so that together, they can move the company forward."

"We plan to close the deal before or at the meeting. I'm 71 years old and I look forward to stepping back and begin winding down."

The candidate has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, negotiations, licensing (worldwide) and celebrity endorsements. He is adept at building brands and brand awareness. He has, and will, act as the liaison between the Board of Directors/Officers and all outside counsel from corporate to litigation to SEC.

He is especially effective in the area of shareholder/investor relations, an excellent writer, with a strong corporate, marketing & legal background. In the public companies he was involved in, he also wrote their press releases.

Mr. Swank went on to say: "He is experienced in increasing shareholder value and effectively communicating the company's vision to investors, shareholders and potential customers alike. He has recently been a consultant to several public companies as a legal liaison between their Boards and Officers and the respective companies' outside SEC, Litigation and General Counsels, and have served as a consultant, advisor, officer and director of various emerging companies in the technology, medical device and direct response industries to help steer them through the process to becoming publicly traded.

Mr. Swank added: "In another good sign of the public awareness of the Company's services, company reports of patient applications show that 50% new patient applications originate through Company's website & 50% from word of mouth. I feel this is a wonderful trend that we hope continues."

About The Company:

Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company for Regenerative Bio Science, Inc. ("RBSI"). The Company subsidiary RBSI is focused on helping individuals to protect and ensure their future quality of life through Adult Stem Cell Incubation and the practice of regenerative medicine in the United States and the Dominican Republic. RBSI's mission is not only to allow patients to store their Stem Cells for future use, but also perform patient funded stem cell therapies for degenerative diseases such as MS, Arthritis, Degenerative Heart Diseases, Diabetes and a host of experimental therapies in the brain trauma disease sector including CTE. The goal is to become a global leader in establishing protocols that can be patented and utilized to heal patients around the world.

Adult stem cells work as the repairmen of the body by replenishing and regenerating damaged tissues and cells. Certain conditions have shown marked improvement when treated with adult stem cells taken from the patient's own body. Regenerative BioScience is a revolution in healthcare using a patient's own adult stem cells.

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About: Dr. Leonel Liriano

Leonel Francisco Liriano Espinal is a graduate of the Medical School of Medicine Technical University of Santiago (UTESA). Dr. Liriano has specialized as an intensive care physician at St. Joseph Hospital in the city of Santiago de Chile, and has also been prepared in Clinical Nutrition for Critical Patient in the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, in the city of Santurce, Puerto Rico, as well as studied Intensive Post-operative Cardiovascular at Cedars Hospital in the City of Miami, Florida and trainings in Neurocritical care in NYU Hospital, New York City.

Twelve years ago while talking to a surgeon who practiced in Germany, Dr. Liriano, who is professor of cardiology and intensive care at the Technological University of Santiago (UTES), became interested in the process of cell therapy and how this could serve as hope to treat diseases without possibility of cure. Since then, Dr. Liriano along with his team of doctors from different specialties has successfully applied the stem cell-based therapy to more than 1000 people. This includes 200 sports figures; with the most prominent being baseball player Bartolo Colon for whom he was the lead physician.

Bartolo Colon was out of baseball for nearly 2 years because of a serious shoulder injury, but returned to the sport and became an All-Star thanks to a stem cell procedure where stem cells were taken from his body and then re-injected into his shoulder by Dr. Liriano. This injury previously may have required surgery to be repaired or the player would be forced into early retirement. This life changing procedure may now have the potential to extend athletes careers and shorten rehabilitation time.

About: Rafael Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Dr. Gonzalez has expertise in degenerative disorders involving the spinal cord and has extensive experience in stem cell culture and biology from human embryonic, pre-natal and adult sources. Prior to joining DaVinci Biosciences, Dr. Gonzalez served as a Research Scientist at PrimeGen Biotech where he was responsible for the design and execution of experiments involving adult (bone marrow, menstrual blood, adipose) and pre-natal stem cells (neural, bone marrow, liver, gonadal) for potential clinical application. Dr. Gonzalez was also responsible for developing PrimeGen's pre-clinical stem cell/spinal cord injury model.

Dr. Gonzalez developed his thesis at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, University of California, Irvine, under the advisory of Dr. Hans Keirstead, entitled: "The Role of the Chemokine CXCL10 in Secondary Degeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury". Pre-clinical studies conducted during this time lead by Dr. Gonzalez were aimed at reducing secondary degenerative effects. The studies conducted by Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Keirstead precipitated the start-up of Ability Biomedical, a company that developed anti-IP10 antibody, an antibody which can be used to treat several degenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and SCI. Ability Biomedical was purchased by Medarex in 2007 which was purchased by Bristol-Myers Squibb that sponsors a phase II clinical trial using anti-IP10 antibody (MDX-1100). He also was involved with preclinical studies in the development of the use of human embryonic stem cells into spinal cord injury.

Dr. Gonzalez has several scientific publications in the field of stem cells, spinal cord injury and the immune system.

Dr. Gonzalez received his BS in Biological Science and his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from the University of California, Irvine, CA.

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