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Pharma CEO sees stock flying high

Cannabis as cure?

GW Pharmaceuticals is leading the charge for medicinal marijuana, and it's about to get even more popular.

Justin Gover, GW Pharmaceuticals CEO, joined CNBC's "Fast Money" on Wednesday to discuss his development of Epidiolex, the first-ever cannabis drug to treat epilepsy.

The treatment, he said, will not induce the physical symptoms associated with medicinal marijuana, i.e., feeling high.

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"There are components of the cannabis plant other than THC which do not make you high and yet seem to have interesting medicinal properties," he said. "So we've been particularly interested in a cannabinoid, as you refer to it, cannabidiol, trademarked Epidiolex, which appears to have very interesting effects in treating children with seizures from epilepsy."

If Epidiolex receives FDA approval, the drug will be available to children in all states, regardless of whether the state has legalized medicinal marijuana.

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"We have the potential to look at other components in other disease areas, so we have a platform from which we hope to be able to bring new medicines to market in a new range of disease areas over the coming years," said the CEO.

Since its debut on the in May 2013, GW Pharmaceuticals is up approximately 700 percent.