What do online consumers in China want? Quality 'Made in USA'

Tarik Kizilkaya | E+ | Getty Images

As Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba prepares for an initial public offering in the U.S. later this year, it's worth reversing roles and asking what consumers in China look for when shopping online from companies overseas.

Amid fears of being cheated or buying fake goods, consumers in China place a premium on authentic, quality merchandise, BloombergBusinessweek reports. Upstarts that have a modest brand presence internationally also might highlight quality domestic production to gain a sales edge. Some companies even ship orders to China with prominent "Made in USA" labeling, according to the report.

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The international ecommerce space is evolving with sellers and buyers lapping shores.

American companies have tried to crack the Chinese online market over the years, with limited success. In contrast, Alibaba—actually a combination of websites that connect buyers with sellers—has been able to capitalize on its local expertise.

China of course is a large country. But Alibaba founder Jack Ma, a former English teacher, has smartly prioritized reliable delivery of goods as part of its strategy.

And Ma's decision to go public on a U.S. exchange suggests the tech entrepreneur has even larger growth ambitions. He wants to tap into the thick pool of potential investors in the U.S., NPR explained earlier this month.

Looking ahead, Alibaba's growth strategy includes appealing to consumers—outside China—and familiarizing the globe with its brand and site offerings—everything from luxury leather jackets to prefabricated container homes.

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