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'Glorious Leader!': Kim Jong Un to Star in His Own Video Game

Lou Dubois

If you've always dreamed of being a dictator, get ready to check that one off the list.

Atlanta-based gaming and entertainment studio Moneyhorse Games has created a retro style side-scrolling video game that will soon be released for PC's and mobile devices, starring none other than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Screen from Glorious Leader video game by Moneyhorse
Source: Moneyhorse

Jaunting around on unicorns, ziplines and even in a basketball game against Dennis Rodman, the game's central focus is on Kim Jong Un battling U.S. forces. In the trailer, he even sets fire to an American flag.

More from NBC News:

Jeff Miller, CEO of Moneyhorse Games, tells The Guardian he was 'motivated to develop the game by his fascination with North Korea. He wanted to find a new way to tell the country's story, and to get people across the world talking about the secretive nation.'

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Miller also says that the game hopes to "'carefully walk the line of satire without being an apologist for the regime."

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