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Game plan: Cramer’s best moves for the week ahead

Next week's earnings could buck negative trend: Cramer

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Jim Cramer believes there are always places to make money in the market. And he thinks in the week ahead, even if the broad S&P appears challenged, quarterly reports could still present opportunity.

Here's what's on Jim Cramer calendar.

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Mon., May 19

On Monday, Cramer will be closely watching the price action in Campbell Soup into earnings. "I think this company is making a real comeback. If the stock does go down at all on Monday it will yield 3%, and that's where I'd want to own it."

Also results from Urban Outfitters will command Cramer's attention. "It's got two divisions that are doing very well, Free People and Anthropologie, but its flagship Urban Outfitters is a non-starter. Unless it does a massive restructuring, I think the stock goes still lower. "

Tues., May 20

On Tuesday, Cramer thinks a housing stock may come into play. "Because of the slowdown in existing home sales, Home Depot's been trading poorly. I like the stock and want to be a buyer; half before it reports and half after. I think CEO Frank Blake will deliver; he always does. Don't forget: mortgage rates are coming down, something Blake will most likely flag as being positive," Cramer said.

Retail will also step into the spotlight as TJX, Staples and Dick's release earnings.

"Not many retailers give you the consistency of TJX and its non-promotional CEO Carol Meyrowitz. But the stock's been hammered this year, down 8 percent. I smell opportunity," Cramer said.

Turning attention to Staples, Cramer said, "I've disliked this stock forever. However, we got a real good number last week from competitor Office Depot. I think that Staples will finally do the same."

"Also, we hear from Dick's," Cramer added. "We've gotten great news about sports apparel from a host of retailers, and we know the category's red hot after speaking with Under Armour six weeks ago. Call me a buyer."

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However, of all the reports coming this week, none will be more important than "This is the software as a service giant that precipitated the big downturn in the high-fliers when it reported a terrific quarter at the end of February, rallied after the bell and then plummeted the next day. I think this will be the most important quarter of the week, if not the month, because if Salesforce can reverse direction and start going up after it reports, many other stocks will follow. We'll be all over this one, even as we know that the stock's been a real tough place to be of late. "

Wed., May 21

More retailers will land in the proverbial hotseat on Wednesday. "Target reports in the morning and given that the CEO was fired this quarter you can't expect a jolly earnings number. However, the stock does yield 3% and the right CEO could re-ignite this once terrific growth name."

Also Cramer will be listening to results from Lowe's and Williams-Sonoma. "Both delivered fantastic numbers last time but have since come down because of the overall negative sentiment in the market due to declining interest rates. However, both retailers do well in a falling interest rate environment. I don't think this time will be any different."

Thurs., May 22

On Thursday Best Buy reports earnings. "I don't care for the stock here," said Cramer, "but if both Lowe's and Home Depot give you the high sign with good numbers in hard goods earlier in the week, then maybe Best Buy could bounce."

Also, Cramer will be watching results from GameStop. "TakeTwo Interactive reported this week and investors sold the stock off because they worried it lacked a robust schedule of new releases. Therefore, I wouldn't want to be long GameStop going into the quarter."

After that, old tech will move center stage as Hewlett-Packard reports results. "I'm a buyer. This turnaround isn't losing strength, its gaining it, and I believe that the personal computer market has stabilized and Meg Whitman will be able to make much more money per P.C. because of her endless streamlining. "

If there's a stock to keep at arm's length, Cramer thinks it's the Fresh Market which also reports on Thursday. "I know it's hard to believe that a stock that's down more than 20% could fall further but I think this one could get hammered again. The horrendous action in Whole Foods since its quarter tells me that this company could get blasted again. "

Fri., May 23

"Finally, on Friday we hear from Foot Locker. if we get a couple of down days going into the Footlocker results, then I would be a buyer ahead of the quarter," Cramer said.

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