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Back from the dead: Products that re-launch


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What's Old is New Again

In the continuing quest for the novel, shiny new products come to the market as old products slip out of production. Some of those that go are classics you may not have noticed were gone. The good news is that if they disappear when they are still wanted, and the right person or group of people takes up the cause, sometimes they come back. There is still room and demand for some of these things from the '40s, '50s, and '60s.

Most of the following brands and items that have returned from the dead have benefited from nostalgia, but a few of these are popular with young people who might not even know, or care, that they were designed half a century ago or more. Here are a few of their stories, involving reclaiming family legacies, lost formulas, and tracking down old employees to help bring back original manufacturing methods and recipes.

By Colleen Kane
Special to
Posted 2014 May 18

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