BioCorRx, Inc. Completes Licensing Agreement for Rights to Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina

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Los Angeles, May 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioCorRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX), a leader in alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs, announces the completion of the exclusive license and distribution agreement of its Start Fresh Program to Sobriety and Addictions Solutions, LLC, formerly Fresh Start NoCal, LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, Sobriety and Addictions Solutions, LLC will pay BioCorRx, Inc. a one-time upfront licensing fee plus an ongoing fee per program order in the states of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Sobriety and Addictions Solutions, LLC currently has the licensing rights to Northern California in a transaction that was completed in 2013.

The population of this territory is approximately 26.5 million people, many of which can benefit from the Start Fresh Program. Within this territory, the Washington DC-Baltimore Combined Statistical Area contains nearly 10 million people and is considered the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US. It also ranks first in income and education. North Carolina alone has a population of 10 million people and recently saw a 12% increase in drunk driving fatalities. According to federal data from the Centers for Disease Control, roughly 18 million Americans have an alcohol abuse disorder and excessive drinking kills about 88,000 people a year. West Virginia ranks second in the nation for states with the highest rates of drug overdose deaths, many of which involve prescription opioids.

Naltrexone, the drug used in the implant portion of the Start Fresh Program, was recently part of an important study focused on the treatment of addiction using medication. The study was published by JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association and information about that study was included in an article last week in the New York Times. This new study shows promise for raising awareness to physicians and other healthcare providers about the effectiveness of Naltrexone, which will hopefully lead to more patients seeking treatment methods such as those offered by BioCorRx's Start Fresh Program.

"Our program and Naltrexone have been getting plenty of press lately. We are very pleased about that and very happy to be partnering with Sobriety and Addiction Solutions again. Their existing operation in Northern California has begun to generate good revenue for our company and this group feels strongly about the mission of the Start Fresh Program", said Kent Emry, CEO of BioCorRx, Inc. "We feel confident that this group of experienced professionals will duplicate their existing model and be successful right out of the gate with a territory much larger than they currently possess."

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BioCorRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) is an addiction treatment and rehabilitation company on the leading edge of substance abuse addiction treatment. The company has developed a highly effective program called the Start Fresh ProgramTM consisting of two components used by various addiction clinics in the US. Clinic reports show that the treatment program has an extremely high success rate with individuals that complete the program. The first component of the program consists of an outpatient implant procedure performed by a licensed physician that delivers therapeutic levels of the drug Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that significantly reduces physical cravings for alcohol and opioids, into the body. The second component of the program developed by BioCorRx, Inc. is a one on one coaching program specifically tailored for the treatment of alcoholism and other substance abuse addictions. For more information on BICX, visit

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