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McDonald's New Mascot Is a Box With Teeth

Ben Popken
McDonald's 'creepy' new mascot

McDonald's unveiled a new mascot today. It's called "Happy" but so far the reactions have been anything but.

Compared to previous mascots, like Ronald, the Hamburglar and Grimace, the new character is an exercise in simplicity. There's no extra story or costuming. Happy is an animated Happy Meal box with a set of teeth on the front and a pair of cartoon arms and legs.

McDonald's Happy Meal character
Source: McDonald's

Incredulous reactions quickly followed McDonald's tweet, focusing on the character's perceived "creepy" factor.

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"At McDonald's, we're always looking to bring fun and happiness to families," said Julie Wenger, senior director of U.S. marketing, McDonald's.

The character has been around overseas since 2009 but this is the first time Happy is being introduced stateside.

The fast-food company wants to position Happy as a healthier spokesperson for kids to promote "improved nutrition" choice. The character's entrance coincides with introduction of Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt. It, along with apple slices, can replace the kid-size fry as the side in a Happy Meal.

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By NBC News' Ben Popken