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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Billionaire Steyer picks fights with Kochs, Rubio in climate change push

Billionaire hedge funder doubles down on climate fight

Tom Steyer has picked a lot a fights recently.

The billionaire former hedge fund manager has continued his high-profile campaign against climate change this year, using his NextGen Climate group to create attack ads targeting conservative industrialists Charles and , Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, and Terri Lynn Land, the GOP Senate candidate in Michigan.

Steyer continued his digs at the Koch brothers--prominent supporters of conservative politicians--by challenging them to a debate on climate change and energy policy.

"We are using our resources to promote an interest that we believe will help our children, while they appear to be promoting an agenda that will benefit their economic self-interest," Steyer said when issuing the challenge April 25. "We deal in science, while they are involved in efforts to attack science."

Steyer then issued this ad after not hearing back.