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Cramer: 5 reasons to trade in underwear and socks


If you're not trading in underwear and socks, Cramer thinks you're missing out.

Oh, not like that. Cramer is talking about why he likes owning shares of Hanesbrands, the maker of underwear, T-shirts, bras and other garments.

"The stock has gained 15% year-to-date while the rest of the apparel space has struggled to find its footing," Cramer noted. "Not only that, but Hanes has given you a double including dividends since I recommended it fourteen months ago, leaving pretty much every other retail play in the dust. That's the kind of move associated with high-flying tech stocks, not a maker of undergarments."

And even though the stock is currently flirting with a 52-week high, Cramer thinks after the broad retail malaise passes, the path of least resistance for this stock should remain higher.

In fact, Cramer identified 5 reasons why shares should advance further. They follow:

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First, Cramer noted that Hanesbrands is made up of a slew of marquis brands including Champion, Playtex and Bali.

"These well-known brands give the company the pricing power to sell its products at a premium to weaker brands and private label products without scaring away customers."

Second, Cramer said Hanesbrands is extremely efficient.

"What really sets these guys apart is the fact that they own most of their supply chain. When Hanes internalizes production, they can typically achieve 15 to 20 percent cost savings," Cramer said.

Third, Cramer is bullish on the company's new products, due to the state of the art technology Hanes' incorporate into garments.

"I realize talking about clothing technology may sound far-fetched, but consider some of these new products. There's ComfortBlend, the ultra-comfortable material from those commercials with Michael Jordan and a guy wearing a shirt made out of kittens. They also developed the Playtex Flexible Fit technology for self-adjusting bras that mold right to your shape. Then there's X-Temp, shirts and underwear that are designed to adapt to the temperature in order to keep you cool and dry at all times; that's pure brilliance."

Fourth, Cramer likes that Hanesbrands is being particularly aggressive in the way it leverages its athletic apparel.

"At Modell's, The Sports Authority, and Academy, they're rolling out a shop within a shop format for Champion. So far, in these locations, the Champion brand has managed to put up a 50% rise in sales on just a 15% increase in floor space."

Fifith, Cramer thinks should generate significant profits.

"Right now Maidenform's operating margin, which measures what a company makes on each dollar of sales before things like interest and taxes, is in the low single digits. Hanes thinks they can boost that to 16% by 2016. So there's tremendous upside from this deal over the next couple of years."

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All told, Cramer remains a buyer of Hanesbrands, despite the sharp advance.

"Hanesbrands is firing on all cylinders. I think this $81 stock could be headed to the $90s and beyond. With that said, I don't like to chase, so if you want to buy Hanes, wait for a pullback before pulling the trigger."

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