Aptean CEO Paul Ilse Unveils "Where Software Works" Vision

ATLANTA, May 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aptean CEO Paul Ilse unveiled the company's new vision and brand identity, supported by the tagline, "Where Software Works," during today's keynote address at Aptean Edge, the annual user conference currently underway in Las Vegas.

"For all 5,000 Aptean customers, our software is always found in one common location—where the work gets done," said Paul Ilse, chief executive officer, Aptean. "Whether it's the factory floor where products are assembled, the foundry where metal is forged or the call center where a customer needs assistance, it's Aptean software that helps streamline operations and support the process behind great customer experiences."

Watch the "Where Software Works" video.

"We've worked to build a company that aligns our great product history with the specific needs of our diverse enterprise customer base," continued Ilse. "Today marks an exciting step in that journey as we launch a new vision and strategy for helping our customers meet their goals for growth, efficiency and profitability."

The announcement coincides with a launch of the new aptean.com website, featuring targeted content to each Aptean vertical market, as well as detailed customer case study examples of "Where Software Works."

Aptean Edge will be held through Thursday, May 22nd and features keynotes from "Dirty Jobs" host and skilled trades advocate Mike Rowe, as well as customer service guru Shep Hyken and executives from Aptean customers The Cheesecake Factory and Citizens Bank.

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Aptean helps businesses profit, innovate and grow where the work gets done—in the call center, on the floor of the factory, at the end of the assembly line. That's where Aptean's CRM, ERP and Supply Chain software applications enable more than 5,000 customers to satisfy their customers, operate more efficiently and stay at the forefront of their industry. Aptean is where software WORKS. For more information, visit www.aptean.com.

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