Covisint Webinar to Help OEMs Create a "Frictionless Experience" for Connected Car Owners

DETROIT, May 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covisint Corporation (Nasdaq:COVS), provider of a leading cloud engagement platform, today announced that it is hosting a webinar on creating a "frictionless experience" for the connected auto owner. The May 29, 2014, webinar, co-hosted by the President of Strategy Analytics, Roger Lanctot, will help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers and partners increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and profits by decreasing "customer friction," which is caused each time the consumer is delayed or has to do extra (and often unnecessary) work.

Examples of needless friction include complex registration processes; entering passwords or PINs too many times; excessive communication across OEMs/ third-party programs/ dealers; and burdensome vehicle warranty information and service scheduling, among others. The webinar will discuss how brands that limit unnecessary friction can attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

"There is profitable revenue at the nexus of customer connectivity," said Lanctot. "Maximizing this opportunity involves an enhanced coordination of customer interactions within a secure framework. The hallmarks of this new engagement paradigm are security, privacy and personalization further enhanced by transparency and customer control."

Together, Covisint and Strategy Analytics will present on how to minimize owner friction, including:

1. Reassuring the customer that all parties (the OEM, dealer, third-party services and others) are united and working as one;

2. Unifying customer touch points into a singular voice and avoiding too many communications;

3. Moving from a vehicle-centric approach to a driver-centric approach so every driver has a seamless experience based on individual desires;

4. Simplifying "re-enrollment" as initial subscriptions expire; and, among others,

5. Addressing privacy and security concerns.

"Putting owners' needs and experiences first is crucial to satisfaction and directly tied to revenues and profitability -- especially with such heightened competition," said Tim Evavold, co-presenter and Covisint Director of Automotive Delivery. "Webinar attendees will gain actionable insight and knowledge to dramatically improve the customer experience."

Who should attend: Professionals in product and business planning, marketing and branding strategy, engineering,
application service providers, dealer service providers and telematics seeking to improve business outcomes, profits and relevance
When: 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 29, 2014
How to register:

Covisint's cloud engagement platform offers a robust, secure and proven platform for driving additional revenue and customer loyalty through connected vehicle initiatives. With Covisint, CIOs, CMOs and line-of-business leaders can deliver a unified and global connected vehicle platform that aligns with their business strategies, through a single integrated experience across the car ownership lifecycle.


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