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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3: The tablet to replace all laptops?

Tech Yeah! Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Tech Yeah! Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft chief executive, Satya Nadella took to the stage Tuesday to unveil the latest version of its tablet, the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft claims it's the first true laptop replacement.

"The company didn't really add many features over the previous versions of Surface that make that true. They really pushed the stylus and integration with OneNote, but there's not a lot new to really get people to ditch their laptops," said Shara Tibken, senior writer at CNET.

Regarding specs, the 12-inch screen is larger than previous versions, while weighing less, coming in at 1.76 pounds (without a keyboard). It's 30-percent thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air.

As far as competing with iPads and Samsung tablets, Tibken points out Microsoft Pro tablets have always struggled in this regard. "They're very expensive compared to other tablets, especially those running Android, and that's definitely the case this time around. The tablet starts at $800 and goes as high as $1,190 for the highest-end version," Tibken said.

There are both tablets and PCs cost less than that.

Tibken said Nadella is doing the right thing for the company at this time. "It's a very tough time for PCs right now. Last year I believe, was the worst year of sales, the biggest drop that we've ever seen, this year its supposed to fall again, next year as well. He has to do something to get Microsoft in to these new areas. Today he pointed out Mobile First which is something we've heard from Facebook, we've heard from basically everyone. It's definitely reality. I think he's taking the right steps but we'll just have to see how this ultimately all plays out," said Tibken.

—By CNBC's Christina Medici Scolaro.