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Momentum trades alive: ARCB, UTHR

With so much chatter about the crash of the momentum trade in recent months, are there any high-flying names that still have more room to climb? Nili Gilbert of Matarin Capital says the momentum trade isn't dead yet; investors just need to know where to look.

Wednesday on CNBC's "Fast Money," Gilbert said that she had pinned down March 19 as a turning point among momentum names as a whole.

"Janet Yellen was testifying before Congress and she indicated that the Fed might be raising rates sooner than expected," she said. "Many momentum names have traded down since that point."

Despite the general downtrend, Gilbert said there are two names that have maintained their momentum following Yellen's testimony that investors should buy right now.

Gilbert's first pick was ArcBest, a freight transportation and logistics company that is up 134 percent in the past year. Even with its massive outperformance, Gilbert said the stock has more room to run. "ArcBest as an overall company is becoming much more efficient. … It's trading at an affordable valuation."

For her second pick, Gilbert chose biotech company United Therapeutics, which has gained more than 40 percent in the past year, and has outperformed the greater biotech sector in that time frame. "They're out in the market buying back their shares when a lot of their competitors have to continue issuing stock to stay in business. … They're generating about $400 million in cash over the past year."

By CNBC's Michael Newberg.