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New T3 Motion Super Elite
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COSTA MESA, Calif., May 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- -- T3 Motion, Inc. (OTCBB:TTTM), the leading provider of EV technology to consumer, law-enforcement and government markets, announced today that it has begun commercial shipments of its secret and much anticipated NGV (Next Generation Vehicle), designed to counter Segway's entry into the 3 wheel marketplace which was invented and dominated by T3 since its founding in 2006.

New T3 Motion Super Elite

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The T3 Elite Series™, including the new Super Elite™ ESV, is built upon nearly a decade of experience building three wheel platforms, and without a doubt, bar none, is the most advanced and technologically superior ESV's ever. With new features and capabilities designed to specifically address the needs of our government, law enforcement, education and security markets in a changing society, nothing else even comes close.

New features available on the Super Elite™ include our new Active Vision™ system which provides live streaming video to be broadcast directly from the vehicle environment, allowing first responders to wirelessly transmit live images to a remote command center with internet viewing from anywhere in the world. This new patent-pending technology has never been available on any other platform before and enables senior management to remotely assess and direct their operations on a moment's notice for any emergency event including the wave of active shooters recently invading the sanctity of our schools and colleges.

Other new features such as our new advanced self-leveling Motion Air™ air-ride suspension system, not only adds a significant new level of comfort for the rider, but also provides exceptional control and handling benefits by vastly improving the stability and safety of our vehicles versus our competitors and reducing the long term effects of fatigue on the rider that is often experienced on other platforms. This technology was originally developed in cooperation with the Dallas Police Department in 2013.

"We began this development more than a year ago on the heels of our former CEO joining Segway and announcing they were going to move towards a three wheel platform after recognizing the tremendous advantages of our technology in the market. We're very proud of our products and that we are the only manufacturer in the market who can state that all T3 Motion vehicles are designed and built by Americans in AMERICA as opposed to the wave of overseas knockoffs we're seeing lately," stated William Tsumpes, CEO of T3 Motion.

"I truly question how any responsible would-be competitor, such as the ones we've seen lately, could justly serve its customers or the market, by introducing new vehicles into the market which haven't undergone any real world testing and are nothing more in some cases than untried and untested experiments and copies of what we've invested more than $47 million to develop over the past eight years. I equate this situation to expecting a lawn mower manufacturer to being able to build a John Deere tractor after just a few months in development, it's just not that simple," said T3 Motion CEO William Tsumpes.

"It's always been my most important priority to ensure that T3 maintains its significant leadership role in the industry we invented almost a decade ago, and that I use my personal and significant engineering background to lead the development of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world which is exactly what we've done with the new Super Elite Series," Tsumpes continued.

"Clearly, T3 Motion, after almost a decade of experience building 3 wheel technologies, understands the challenges better than anyone else. We've taken tens of millions of miles of real world use and experience and developed this new platform to ensure that we maintain our advantages by building the safest, more reliable, and sophisticated, performance driven solutions in the world.

"Our electric vehicles offer so many significant safety and performance advantages over older, two wheel electric designs it's easy to understand any competitors desire to follow in our footsteps. We understand the competitive nature of the markets and will ensure that our loyal customers and investors continue to be rewarded with a superior product line and service second to none," Tsumpes stated.

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