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Google Glass may be causing eye strain: Experts

Tech Yeah! Google Glass users suffer from eye strain

Google's expensive smart glasses could be more than just a strain on a gadget lover's budget; they could be causing eye strain among some of its users, experts and Google Glass owners warn.

The Google Glass display requires users to look up and to the right, away from the natural line of sight, and that could lead to headaches, according to Betabeat, a tech site that interviewed Eli Peli, a Harvard doctor who consulted with Google on its Glass development.

Source: Google | Facebook

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"I think if they rethink the design a little, make it more like a regular pair of glasses, the product could find a sizable audience. But with its current design it's difficult to see many people wearing it daily," said Pete Pachal, technology editor at Mashable, who adds that the weight of the Google Glass battery pack can also put pressure on one side of the head.

Google has put a notice on its website that Google Glass users could experience eye strain and that the smart glasses aren't meant for kids under 13 years old, whose developing vision could be harmed by using the device.

—By CNBC's Althea Chang.