Obama on VA Sec. Shinseki's future: I want to see report results, and there will be accountability

Pres. Obama: Full VA investigation underway

Employees of the Veterans Administration should be held accountable if anyone falsified records on patient treatment, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday.

"I want to know what's working, I want to know what's not working and I want specific recommendations on how VA can up their game," Obama said of a review that is due by next month.

He spoke at a news conference after a meeting with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. Obama, asked about Shinkseki's future, said he had served veterans well but that there would have to be accountability after the VA report next month.

(For more on the problems at the VA, see the documentary 'Death & Dishonor—Crisis at the VA' here)

Shinseki has come under fire for long waits at VA hospitals and an alleged cover-up of the deaths of several patients awaiting treatment at a VA hospital in Phoenix. One of Shinseki's top deputies, VA undersecretary for health care Robert Petzel, handed in his resignation last week.

Top U.S.officials have called for Shinseki's resignation, as has the country's largest veteran's group, the American Legion.