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Dividend stock smackdown: 'Shark' takes on 'Fast' pro

Dividend stock smackdown: Adami vs. O'Leary

A "Shark Tank" co-host and a "Fast Money" trader went head-to-head in a spirited debate over investing in dividend stocks Thursday on CNBC.

The name-calling began on Tuesday's episode of "Closing Bell," when "Shark Tank" co-host Kevin O'Leary called "Fast Money" trader Guy Adami "chicken little" for his take on the investment landscape.

O'Leary had said that investors shouldn't "take the risk of momentum names" when they can find security in dividend stocks. Adami countered that dividend payers can fall just like any other equity, saying "There is a chance that the underlying equity goes lower." O'Leary then called Adami "chicken little" for predicting that the sky could fall for stocks.

The debate raged on when O'Leary joined Adami on home turf during Thursday's episode of "Fast Money."

O'Leary stuck to his guns, saying, "You'll never convince me to buy a stock that doesn't have yield."

Adami said that dividend stocks are actually more risky than buying U.S. Treasuries. "On a risk-adjusted basis, if you look at treasuries vs. equities, the yield in treasuries is much safer than the yield in a lot of these stocks. There always is the risk that the underlying equity can go down," he said.

But Adami's argument wasn't enough to convince O'Leary. "If rates go back up to 4 percent, the 40-year average, you're going to be dead in the water, down 18 percent on that bond," he said. "And then you're going to call me up and apologize to me."