LIG Assets and GTM Hospitality Identify More Properties to Acquire Utilizing Their Recipe for Success

DALLAS, May 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the recent closing of the Wyndham Baton Rouge Hotel, GTM Hospitality, LLC and LIG Assets, Inc. (OTCPK:LIGA) are continuing their aggressive push in the hospitality space. With several properties lined up, the companies believe they now have a recipe for sustainable and profitable growth.

"It's not growth for the sake of growth," said Marty McDaniel, CHA, President and CEO of GTM Hospitality. "It's managed growth with the acquisition of properties that will cash flow right away." Jeff Love, CEO of LIG Assets agrees, "When you step back and look at the combined skill sets between the two companies, GTM with its operational experience and LIG with its finance and real estate experience, we are truly excited about the opportunity."

The two companies started strategy discussions some six months ago and have closely analyzed dozens of deals resulting in a polished pipeline. "As a second generation hotelier, I have been around every type of hospitality asset known and I can say that we have some exciting properties we are working on," McDaniel said. For Love, he is ready to leverage LIG's talents as well and added. "At LIG, we have been looking for a solid, profitable growth engine, and now we have found it."

About GTM Hospitality, LLC

GTM Hospitality, LLC is a fully integrated, full service Management and Development Company with an expanding portfolio of owned and managed properties based in Panama City, Florida. The Company is led by long time hotelier, Marty McDaniel, CHA who is President and CEO.

About LIG Assets, Inc.

LIG Assets, Inc., based in Dallas, TX, is a Company focused on residential and commercial real estate. Through its alliances with hedge funds, mortgage brokers, and hard money lenders, LIG Assets plans to expand its residential portfolio and increase commercial property transactions. LIG Assets, Inc. currently trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol "LIGA". For additional information, please visit LIG Assets corporate website:

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