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Top 10 highest paid Formula 1 superstars

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Formula 1 - with its fast cars and petrol-fueled action - is matched by the high-octane salaries paid to the drivers.

Superstar racers like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso command huge salaries as they strive to cut seconds of lap times to help their team become the fastest.

The top 10 highest-paid drivers together earned 100 million euros ($137 million dollars) in 2013, according to data compiled by Business Book GP, an annual book that publishes drivers' salaries.

Drivers can often earn more than their base salary through endorsements and other bonuses.

Prize money payouts from major races such as the Monaco Grand Prix have always been a complex topic. F1's prize fund has traditionally been split between the top 10 teams with any outside of those 10 receiving $10 million. This was part of an agreement F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone had with former head of the motor sport governing body Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Max Mosley.

This so-called Concorde Agreement has now expired and has not been renewed, meaning the eleventh team will miss out on the money.

Any money won by drivers is paid to the team, and the team will pay the drivers.

We've compiled a list of the best-paid F1 drivers from data published in the Business Book GP.

10: Romain Grosjean

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Salary: 1 million euros ($1.37 million)
Team: Lotus

Romain Grosjean made his F1 debut in 2009 racing in the European Grand Prix and is currently a driver for the Lotus team. He is expected to get a 1 million euro salary this year.

The Franco-Swiss driver has faced a tough couple of years, being involved in a number of crashes in 2012 and serving a one-race ban that same year.

The start to this year's F1 season has been difficult and Lotus has only managed to pick up 4 points from the Spanish Grand Prix, putting it in eighth place.

Despite a rocky start to the F1 season, Grosjean remains confident of the Lotus team's progress.

"We just have to push as hard as we can and stay as positive as possible even when the going gets tough," he said in a post on his official website from May 5.

9: Sergio Perez

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Salary: 1.5 million euros ($2 million)
Team: Force india

Sergio Perez is a rising star in F1 at just 24 years of age. The Mexican took his first F1 podium at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix with Sauber.

Perez has been moving around teams in recent years. He raced for McLaren in the 2013 season before being signed by Force India this year for a reported 15 million euro deal.

Known as the "Mexican wunderkind", Perez was one of the handful of drivers who graduated to F1 after competing in the GP2 racing series.

Force India currently sits fourth in the F1 standings.

8: Kimi Raikkonen

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Salary: 3 million euros ($4.1 million)
Team: Ferrari

Raikkonen has had a long and successful history in motor sports. The Finn first raced in F1 in 2001 after being propelled there from impressive performances in the Formula Renault championships, a stepping stone to F1.

The "Flying Finn" as he is known, competed in F1 until 2009, during which he earned four podium places and won the F1 Drivers' Championship in 2007, an award to the most successful racer during the season.

Raikkonen then competed in rally racing championships between 2009 and 2011 before returning to F1 with the Lotus team in 2012.

Ferrari has had a tough 2014 season and is sitting in third place. Raikkonen struggled into eighth place in the Chinese Grand Prix in April.

7: Felipe Massa

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Salary: 6 million euros ($8.2 million)
Team: Williams

Felipe Massa's salary hit 6 million euros in 2013. The Brazilian driver started his F1 career in 2002 having his best season in 2008 when he ended up second in the F1 Drivers' Championship.

Massa debuted with Sauber before having an eight-year stint with Ferrari from 2006. This season he joined the Williams team.

In 2006, Massa became the first Brazilian since F1 legend Ayrton Senna to win the Brazilian Grand Prix.

6: Mark Webber

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Salary: 10 million euros ($13.7 million)
Team: Retired (previously with Red Bull)

Mark Webber retired from F1 at the end of last year's season where he was a driver for the dominant Red Bull team that came first every year from 2010 to 2013.

Webber had a stunning 2009 in which he won his first F1 race at the German Grand Prix and scored eight podiums.

The Australian ended up third in the Drivers' Championship in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Webber is now racing in the World Endurance Championships, a race designed to test the durability of the car.

"It was a good way to end my career," said Webber at the end of his final race in November

"I enjoyed myself out there and felt like I got the maximum from myself and the car."

5: Nico Rosberg

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Salary: 11 million euros ($15 million)
Team: Mercedes

Nico Rosberg has had an impressive start to the 2014 F1 season, winning the Australian Grand Prix and coming second in subsequent four races including China.

The German driver also won the notoriously difficult Monaco Grand Prix in 2013.

Rosberg competed in a few stepping stone tournaments including the GP2 championship which he won in 2005, the same year he made his F1 debut for the Williams team.

In 2010, Mercedes snapped him up and Rosberg has been racing for the team ever since.

Rosberg has a competitive side to him and is in constant battle with his team mate Lewis Hamilton on the race track.

4: Sebastian Vettel

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Salary: 12 million euros ($16.4 million)
Team: Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel has been one of the most dominant modern-day F1 drivers, having won the Drivers' Championship every year from 2010 to 2013 and was the youngest ever driver to win the title in 2010.

The German driver started his F1 career in 2007 with Sauber and then moved to the Toro Rosso team. Red Bull snapped him up in 2009 and he has been racing for the team ever since.

Last year, Vettel came first in 13 of the 18 F1 Grand Prix in the season and was handsomely rewarded with a 12 million euro salary.

Vettel has had a tough start to the 2014 season but has an extremely competitive side.

"From what I remember I have never liked losing," the driver said in an interview on the Red Bull team website.

3: Jenson Button

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Salary: 16 million euros ($21.9 million)
Team: McLaren

Jenson Button has had a long history in F1 that spans back to 2000 when the Brit debuted with the Williams team.

Button's most notable season came in 2009, after the Honda team, of which he was a member, withdrew from the championship and left the British driver without a car. But the team was bought out by Ross Brawn and Button ended up as the Drivers' World Champion at the end of the season.

When Button joined the McLaren team in 2010 the team ended up second in F1 championship but finished fifth in 2013. Button has been struggling in the 2014 season.

The British racer took home 16 million euros last year.

2: Lewis Hamilton

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Salary: 20 million euros ($27.4 million)
Team: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is another young superstar on the F1 circuit and has had an impressive 2014. The British driver has won four consecutive Grand Prix races as he heads into Monaco on a high.

"The last few races have been just incredible. I honestly never expected I'd win four consecutive Grands Prix in my career and I'd love to continue that run here (in Monaco)," Hamilton said in a Facebook post on May 16.

Hamilton was snapped up by McLaren in 2007 when he made his F1 debut and came second in the Drivers' Championship in just his first season. The following year he won the World Drivers' Championship.

Hamilton jumped ship and joined Mercedes in 2013 and is currently racing for that team.

Last year, the Brit took home a hefty 20 million pay packet.

1: Fernando Alonso

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Salary: 20 million euros ($27.4 million)
Team: Ferrari

At the top of the salary list alongside Lewis Hamilton is Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard has consistently been one of the top drivers in F1 after his debut in 2001. In his 13 seasons, Alonso has ended up on the podium for the World Drivers' Championship six times, and won the accolade in 2005 at the age of 24, making him the youngest driver at the time to have ever done so.

Alonso has been with his current Ferrari team since he was snapped up in 2010. The team is currently sitting in third place.

Alonso has had a tough start to the 2014 F1 season, but like most drivers is talking strong before the Monaco Grand Prix.

"We will continue to work day and night: we definitely can't expect to have a new car, because you can't achieve a revolution in such a short space of time, but we will do our very best to improve in all areas," Alonso said in a post on his official website.