Game plan: Cramer’s best plays through month’s end

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Just because next week is a short week, doesn't mean Jim Cramer intends to rest.

Quite the opposite.

The "Mad Money" host has identified a slew of earnings that he thinks have the potential to be money making catalysts through the end of the month.

Following are the events on his calendar:

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Mon., May 26

Happy Memorial Day—U.S. markets are closed

Tues., May 27

Cramer sees a strategic opportunity as soon as Tuesday morning, when Autozone releases earnings. "Now, there's been a consistent pattern with this auto parts company that thrives as our nation's fleet of cars gets older. Even as AutoZone's business and buyback are like clockwork, the stock almost always sells down when it reports. I expect it to be hammered, as usual, when the company reports Tuesday morning, and I suggest you use the weakness to do some buying."

Also on Tuesday, Cramer will be monitoring the market's appetite for growth as Workday reports earnings. "As far as I'm concerned, Workday is the single most consistent software as a service company on earth, with fabulous human resources and financial management software. There's just one problem. This market's appetite for growth is impossible to predict. In this environment, you have to sit back and watch the reaction to Workday's quarter because I'm pretty sure the company will deliver on the key metrics. But for the stock? That's become another matter entirely."

Wed., May 28

On Wednesday, Cramer will be looking to see if Michael Kors can make a little history after it reports earnings. "If Kors delivers, and I think it will, then I believe the stock can breakout to all-time highs at $101. Why? Because there's a cultish bet against Kors as some have called its inventory management into question." In other words, if the company beats, Cramer is looking for a short-squeeze. "However, I think Kors has become the growth gold standard, and I bet that continues to be the case."

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Cramer will also be watching results from Toll Brothers. He says this earnings report may be the most important of the week because it should provide insights into the health of the housing sector. "I bet the quarter itself might not be blow-away, but I also think Toll will say that the intra-month progression is terrific. So please don't trade off the headline, it won't give you that sense. You'll need to dig into this one."

Thurs., May 29

On Thursday, Cramer will be sifting through earnings from Costco. "Last time Costco reported, it delivered what were thought to be tepid results, and then we heard from all the other retailers, and in retrospect Costco was best in show. I think Costco will look good by comparison this time, too."

Again, Cramer will be following the appetite for high multiple stocks as Splunk reports. "I think that it will, once again, deliver spectacular numbers. If the market's in the mood for momentum stocks on Thursday, maybe pick up some Splunk before it reports after the close. However, I'd only play it with call options to limit downside risk. Splunk is still outrageously valued as a business analytics play."

Fri., May 30

On Friday, Cramer will be rifling through women's clothing as Ann Inc. reports—that's the company formerly known as Ann Taylor. "I've been fearful of higher end women's apparel for ages. However, the fear has dissipated of late and Ann's played a role in that. I think the retailer might have had a difficult start to the quarter, but now the warmer weather will have brought out shoppers, allowing the company to put up some fine numbers."

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