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These apps help you watch your health

Tech Yeah! Apps for your health

With what seemingly feels like a million smartphone apps available these days, it could be hard to decide which ones may be worth considering when it comes to managing your health habits.

To make that decision easier, here are a few standout ones recommended by Jesse Draper, CEO of multimedia company Valley Girl.

Rise: The nutrition-based app for iOS devices keeps track of what you eat and pairs you with a professional nutritionist to help achieve diet goals. For $15 a week, the nutritionist offers suggestions on your meals to better your habits.

Mole Detective: The app takes pictures of moles and analyzes the symptoms of melanoma to increase the chance of detecting skin cancer in the early stages. Available for Android devices, the app helps you understand the top five symptoms of the skin cancer, and tracking the change in the mole over time. The only certain way to diagnosis a mole is through a biopsy, so users should still visit a dermatologist if a mole is showing symptoms of melanoma or changes rapidly, said Draper.

iHealth MyVitals: Weight, blood pressure diet and activity quantification can be tracked through this app. A user can even create plans and set reminders to help stay focused. The app is available for iOS devices.

Besides these health apps, folks can also try Weight Watchers, SkinVision and the Fitbit iOS app.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.