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10 game changers in cloud computing

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10. Cloudera

Company value: Estimated $4.1 billion

Analyzing the rapidly growing amounts of digital data produced daily provides companies with major opportunities. For 10 years open-source project Apache Hadoop has made such analysis possible, having invented a method for organizations to store and process 'big data'. Hadoop, with its revolutionary parallel processing technique, is currently used by the world's largest websites, including Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

However, until 2008, the complexity of Hadoop technology kept big data analytics out of reach for many organizations. That's where Cloudera comes in; Cloudera integrated Hadoop's most popular projects into a single enterprise-ready cloud package, along with additional management and support services.

Since its launch six years ago, Cloudera has grown to 600 employees and reached 350 enterprise customers. In addition to its commercial offering, Cloudera contributes a version of its product to the open source community that's used by thousands of organizations worldwide. In April, Intel paid $740 million for an 18 percent stake in Cloudera, valuing the company at $4.1 billion.

Source: Cloudera