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10 game changers in cloud computing

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5. VMware

Company value: $40.18 billion

VMware enables businesses to set up public and private clouds.

The introduction of the VMware workstation in 1999 brought virtualization to market. Virtualization allows ITinfrastructure to be more productive, making the technology fundamental to the creation of cloud architecture.

Fifteen years later and VMware continues to lead the virtualization market with its vSphere hypervisor and its vCloud management software.

Last year, VMware entered the public cloud market, launching the vCloud Hybrid Service. This enables organizations with VMware-based data centers to seamlessly expand out to public cloud infrastructure using their same management and orchestration tools. The product is seen as a breakthrough in the cloud market for allowing customers to easily move between public and private clouds.

According to VMware, over 500,000 organizations worldwide currently use its technology.

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