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FireEye CEO IDs the next big cyber threat

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As the threat of cyber-security attacks continues to loom over U.S. businesses and the federal government, the CEO of FireEye said Tuesday that the rate of attacks has been rising.

"Over the last five years we've seen a steady increase in cyber-attacks coming from China," said David DeWalt. "We now track more than twenty groups in China from various parts and agencies across the mainland who are perpetrating crimes against America and western world companies."

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," DeWalt said that FireEye has been at the center of a number of cyber-attacks against the U.S. this year. They flagged the intrusion of into Target's computer system, discovered three major threats affecting Microsoft Internet Explorer users and they revealed one of the five Chinese military members that the U.S. government has now charged with espionage.

But the biggest threat to the U.S. could be yet to come.

"We're seeing a leveling of knowledge that's rising almost monthly right now. Iranian organizations have these capabilities now. What we're finding is that sophistication is going up. The ability to bring down organizations like the Las Vegas Sands casino in a very swift blow with destructive kinds of natures behind it shows that the sophistication is going up, the capability is getting higher," he said. "The world is getting a little more dangerous."

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