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The best and worst cities to start a career

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Looking for jobs in all the right places

Grandpa might have gotten his first job just by walking right up and asking, but today's college grads face a much tougher job market than those of the past. As competition increases, new graduates are increasingly being forced to become mobile, moving homes and jobs just to keep earning a living.

Regardless of this new paradigm for college grads, the prospect of finding stable employment with growth opportunities is still mighty alluring. Online finance portal WalletHub recently released a comprehensive list ranking the best cities for college graduates to start a career, based on a multitude of on- and off-the-clock factors, ranging from starting salaries to the awkwardly named "mating opportunities."

Of the 150 largest U.S. cities WalletHub ranked, here are the five best—and five worst—places for a college graduate to move to in search of a healthy career.

By Roy Luo, Special to
Posted 28 May 2014

Muharrem Oner | Getty Images