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Union Pacific CEO: Santa Teresa is future of company

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Jim Cramer is a big fan of the transports. And within the sector, he's particularly enthusiastic about this railroad.

It's Union Pacific.

"Don't get me wrong, all of the rails have been doing well lately, and the transports overall have really caught fire, but has outperformed them all," Cramer said.

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Not only is the "Mad Money" host impressed with the current profitability, he believes Union Pacific is well positioned to benefit from the recovery underway across the nation, well into the future.

"Agricultural volumes are up 13 percent," Cramer noted.

"We had a terrific harvest in 2013," added Jack Koraleski, the chairman and CEO of Union Pacific on "Mad Money." "Now that harvest has to get to market. And we've got access to all the places it needs to go."

"Also, industrial volumes are up 9 percent, and intermodal is up 3 percent," Cramer added, citing other ways in which Union Pacific may benefit from the broad recovery.

In addition, Cramer is a fan of the way management runs the business and believes shareholder- friendly initiatives could drive additional gains.

"They boosted the dividend by 17 percent back in February. And the company also bought back $683 million worth of its own stock in the first quarter," Cramer noted.

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All told, Cramer is a fan.

"I like to think of the railroads as the investable veins and arteries of capitalism. Four major railroads dominate the U.S. market; really two in the east and two in the west, but the only western railroad that's still a publicly traded pure play is Union Pacific. Take a look."

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