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Expect fewer tech companies in the future: Intel CEO

Intel CEO shows 'Jimmy' robot

Expect fewer technology companies in the future, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC on Wednesday.

"The industry, just like all mature industries, is going through consolidation and I think there will be fewer players 10 years from now than there are today," he said in an interview from the Re/code Code Conference.

Krzanich was reacting to comments last week by Cisco CEO John Chambers, who said to expect a "brutal consolidation" in the IT industry.

The Intel CEO, who spoke at the technology news website's conference earlier in the day, said the company plans to build on its success by becoming more market driven.

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"We'll go where the market goes," Krzanich said. "As you've seen Android grow, we've gone out and gotten into Android. We're still the only company that can go iOS, Chrome, Android, Windows, all on the same device."

The company is also getting into mobile embedded systems, like the chips that power robots. Its 3-D printed robot is expected to become available later this year for close to $16,000, but Krzanich said there are also more consumer-friendly robots available for about $1,600.

"It's powered with the new Edison chip we announced earlier this year, and it's really designed as a development platform and something for hobbyists, and at $1,600 it starts to become affordable."

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—By CNBC's Michelle Fox. Re/code contributed to this report.

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