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New high-frequency trading thriller hits shelves

New high-frequency trading thriller hits shelves

Could the New York Stock Exchange be hacked by cyberthieves? It's one thing to hack into Target's database and steal credit card data, but would it be possible for cybercrooks to infiltrate the trading system of the NYSE?

Mark Russinovich thinks it's possible. He sold his software company, Winternals, to Microsoft in 2006 and is now a technical fellow for Microsoft, its senior-most technical position. He's got a Ph.D. in computer engineering.

In other words, he knows a lot about computer coding and hacking.

He's also a novelist. His new techno-thriller, "Rogue Code," is just out.

When cybersecurity expert Jeff Aiken is called to investigate a possible security breach at the NYSE, he discovers that the system has indeed been infiltrated.