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We are not an 'Internet of things' company: Nest CEO

Source: Recode

Despite being considered the poster child for the 'Internet of things' movement, the smart thermostat company Nest wants nothing to do with the term.

"I hate that term," said CEO Tony Fadell at the tech-centric Code Conference on Wednesday.

Nest, which also makes smart fire detectors, is widely considered by those in the tech industry as a leader in the space of connected devices. But Fadell said he avoids describing his company with the that phrase because Nest is built for the masses, not just techies, he said. (The company was bought by Google earlier this year.)

"The 'Internet of things' is a term of for this audience," Fadell said referring to the tech-heavy attendee list.

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"It's not a term for consumers. People don't buy 'things'...they buy an application or they buy a product for a certain, specific purpose."

"We are not an 'Internet of things' company...we make a thermostat, we make a smoke detector and are designing other things. Those are the things that I'd like to talk about."

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