vitaTrackr Connects To More Than 16 Million Patients/Consumers After First 30 Days of Strategic Partner Program

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Baltimore, May 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- vitaTrackr, Inc., the global leader in organizing an independent and agnostic health data market today announced it had crossed the 16 million threshold for consumers connected to its marketplace.

Brian Baum, founder and CEO of vitaTrackr said, "This milestone exceeds our expectations. While the value of leveraging health data in the delivery, innovation and efficiency of care seems obvious, the fact that so many organizations have responded this quickly underscores the excitement and potential for the future of healthcare."

vitaTrackr is a health data marketplace connecting data sources with destinations. It transforms data between disparate parties and intermediates consumer authorization where necessary. vitaTrackr is a neutral industry-wide data utility agnostic to source and destination. Baum added, "The value of vitaTrackr is best told through its partners."

Praxis EMR - a number one ranked electronic health record provider used by more than 5,000 clinics across all 50 states. Dr. Richard Low, founder and CEO of Praxis said, "Physicians are increasingly frustrated with the breakdown in the promise of electronic health records. The physician disappointment exists because it is still nearly impossible for data to be shared across the industry to provide "best" care for patients. When we first heard of vitaTrackr, its proposition of neutral data, easy access and distribution across the industry, it represented the link that our clients are looking for. This will allow us to focus on continuing to advance our platform, while the issue of industry-wide data movement is addressed by the vitaTrackr utility."

Nexion - a network of nursing and rehabilitation centers with 36 locations across Texas, Louisiana and Colorado. Fran Kirley, founder and CEO of Nexion said, "Physical rehab is an ongoing effort. Progress is made, patients are released back to their day-to-day world, however in some cases they relapse. Our challenge is sharing data back and forth with a patient's primary care network. If a patient relapses and they return to us, we have no idea what subsequent treatment they've received. We lose time and efficiency and the patient is inconvenienced. vitaTrackr offers us the potential to connect some of our million plus patients back to their primary care providers to ensure we have the right data to best treat their needs."

Health Onvector - developer of a patented blood viscosity measurement, analysis and treatment technology. Daniel Cho, co-founder and CEO of Health Onvector said, "We are focused on enabling dramatic improvements in cardiovascular health by developing innovative diagnostic measures like blood viscosity. Statins and other cardiovascular medications already lower blood viscosity levels for millions of Americans, but viscosity is not yet widely measured to monitor and guide these therapies. Unfortunately, in today's current healthcare environment it can take a decade or more for a diagnostic innovation to advance throughout mainstream medicine. By connecting to the vitaTrackr marketplace, we will be linking with more than 5,000 clinics and millions of potential patients."

Baum added, "We launched vitaTrackr with the belief that in today's data enabled world, the healthcare industry has not embraced nor recognized the full benefit of technology. Given the legacy of the industry as a local / regional business, all too often "data" is leveraged as a competitive asset rather than an enabler. The industry goal must be first - best medicine; everything else flows from there."

Beyond these examples vitaTrackr is currently in conversations with healthcare companies large and small, established and early stage. Baum said, "The potential is both exciting and frustrating. vitaTrackr's mission is to make access to and use of health data neutral. We free up companies and innovators to focus on "healthcare", not the challenge of accessing health data."


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About vitaTrackr.

vitaTrackr is a health data marketplace that facilitates the movement of health data from the point at which it is created to qualified destinations that value it. vitaTrackr is an industry-wide utility that benefits all, but advantages no individual sector or entity. The consumer, (data owner) will directly authorize data transfers.

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