'My eyes are stinging!'

Herb Greenberg showed a bit more than he intended when he took control of his camera at the conclusion of a live appearance on CNBC's "Street Signs."

Greenberg, a CNBC contributor who also writes "Reality Check" for TheStreet.com, was talking about Valeant Pharma CEO J. Michael Pearson's admission he made a "mistake" when he predicted the company would eventually have a market value of $150 billion.

After wrapping up that conversation, co-anchor Brian Sullivan asked Herb about a framed picture of his dog on a shelf behind him.

In his attempt to use the camera's remote control to focus on the dog, Herb instead briefly pointed the camera at the usually unseen shorts he was wearing with his sports coat.

While there wasn't anything unseemly on screen, co-anchor Mandy Drury did jokingly complain that her eyes were "stinging."

Eventually, Herb was able to maneuver the camera to show a beautiful view of San Diego outside his window and Brian managed to get in a "Great Gatsby" reference.

When it was all over, Herb tweeted a link to the video with the hashtag "will never live this down" and urged his followers to take a look at the now "overshadowed ... really good hit" on Valeant.

- By CNBC.com staff