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Looking for equity ideas? Wunderlich Securities has eight


In coming up with a list of top stock picks, Wunderlich Securities considered companies that would fare well in what it sees as the next leg of economic growth, with a 12-18 month time horizon for its price targets.

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Here's the list, which is subject to change and will be measured against the performance of the and the Russell 2000, along with commentary from Art Hogan, a managing director and Wunderlich's chief market strategist:

CenterState Banks (price target: $17.00)—"We wanted to touch on financials with both a bank and where interest rates are now and where they are headed. There are a lot of acquisitions going on in the regional bank world, and a great deal of demand for loans, which are going into small and medium-size businesses."

Comcast (price target: $65.00)—The media and technology company, which owns NBCUniversal , the parent of CNBC, is "a winner, if you believe what is going on in content and distribution, and want exposure to that trend."

Jack in the Box (price target: $70.00)—The restaurant chain "speaks to consumer discretionary spending and who is doing the best at reinventing themselves and attracting part of the consumer wallet, which is phased in first at breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. It's a well-managed company that is growing same-store sales at a pace far better than their restaurant peers. Sonic was a very close second."

MasTec (price target: $50.00)—The onshore oilfield services company is "really a triple play in infrastructure build out. They also do fiber optics, telecommunications, and oil and gas communications."

Physicians Realty Trust (price target: $15.50)—"This is a play on health-care systems and the rising cost of practicing medicine. Physicians now tend to work in groups, and they need real estate to work in, so there's a common trend."

Resolute Energy (price target: $13.00)—"Energy is extremely important, and REN was our hardest choice to make in distilling our list down to one favorite in the exploration and production space."

Saia (price target: $48.00)—"If you believe there is an increase in economic activity, and that it's important to get from one place to another, that's where Saia comes in."

Yelp (price target: $105.00)—The online listing of businesses "doesn't have a lot of competition, and transitioned into mobile well, which is hard to do. Yelp digitally replaced something we used to do by flipping through the Yellow Pages. It also went through a repricing, like other high-growth technology companies. The Nasdaq corrected about 10 percent, and many components 20 to 30 percent. This fell into that category, and deserved its re-rating at least."

—By CNBC's Kate Gibson.


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