MetLife Stadium fined for loud concerts

Electric Daily Carnival at Met Life Stadium
Source: Electric Daily Carnival | Facebook

Some of the folks who live near New Jersey's MetLife stadium said a recent concert held there was so loud they could not hear each other speak.

So the city fined the stadium for the noise. Then fined them again. And again.

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The stadium—co-owned by the New York Giants and the New York Jets—racked up 31 citations from city officials before the end of a two-day electronic music concert called the Electric Daisy Carnival. The mayor of nearby Seacaucus, New Jersey, Mike Gonnelli, said told New York's NBC4 News that he received more than 100 complaints from local residents about the noise coming from the festival across the Hackensack River. So he repeatedly slapped the stadium, the promoter, and the New Jersey Sports Authority with summonses, and said he will do it again if he receives complaints about a concert to be held this weekend, featuring 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj.

The stadium said it will abide by noise laws.

Read the full story on NBC4 News.