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Road trip gadgets for easier summer driving

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Summer driving season is underway, and some of the millions of Americans hitting the roads in the next few months may be taking advantage of some new car gadgets that could make road trips a little bit easier.

Dealing with a dead battery, for instance, could be a little less stressful thanks to a number of portable car jump-starters on the market.

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"The older ones were the size and weight of an actual car battery, but Cobra has this JumPack now that literally you can fit into your glove compartment or your pocketbook, and it's so easy because you just plug the cables right into the ports on this battery and you jump-start your car," said Andrea Smith, tech editor at Living in Digital Times, who adds that the JumPack can jump-start your phone battery if it runs out of juice.

The JumPack launched earlier this month with a list price of $129.95, on par with the list price of a similar jump-starter, the PowerAll PBJS12000-R. The JumPack smaller than the PowerAll jump- starter, but it has a lower-capacity battery.

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Smith also highlighted the Garmin Dash Cam driving recorder for road-trippers and new drivers. The recorder, which was priced at $219.99 when it went on sale earlier this year, not only records video of the road ahead of a vehicle, it also has an accelerometer that can monitor acceleration during braking and collision.

Drivers who want a simpler device that just records video can opt for cheaper devices such as a basic Top Dawg dash cam, which is available for less than $50.

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And to keep passengers entertained in the back seat during a road trip, and perhaps avoid neck strain, Smith calls out the Speck Show Folio case for tablets.

"On the back, it has these clips built in. So you can take these clips, hook them on the back of the headrest of the seat in front of you and then you can just have it as a video monitor and kids can play games and watch a video in the car on the go," Smith said.

The Speck ShowFolio has a list price of $59.99.

—By CNBC Staff