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— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 3, Tuesday.

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The widely watched apple developer's conference -- which showcases software upgrades for desktop and mobile -- wasn't the most thrilling unveiling, but could it all be a prelude for future devices.

CNBC's Josh lipton was at the event.

It's a familiar sight: lines of people gathering early, hoping to get a glimpse of Apple's latest product. But it wasn't the latest iPhone or iPad that got these Apple fans revved up - the tech titan instead introducing its latest Mac operating system, Yosemite.

Craig Federighi: "They set off on what then was a somehwat more circuituitous path that took them ultimately to a place that embodies the beauty and power of OS X : We discovered OS X Yosemite."

The goal: make an Apple ecosystem that's more integrated; allowing your Apple devices to communicate with each other seamlessly. Something Apple Exec Craig Federighi demonstrated for the crowd when he called Dr. Dre, the newest Apple employee after last week's Beats acquisition, on stage from his Mac computer.

"It's Craig Federighi here."

"Hey how you doin' this is Dre"

In another announcement, new mobile operating system iOS 8 and new programmes for developers that will help programmers create apps that are aimed at home automation. But the news didn't go over well with the investors. Shares fell slightly after the announcements, with many analysts say that Apple's success is based on its devices.

[Brian Marshall, Senior Managing Director, ISI Group] "Software is a key component to the stickiness of the Apple ecosystem, but in our view it's not the main driver of its overall PNL."

But while most analysts agree that new software announcements may not be enough to send customers flocking to Apple stores, at least some think that today's headlines could be a signal of much bigger announcments later this year.

[Matthew McCormick, Principal, Bahl & Gaynor] "When you look at Apple, all this news today is I think whetting the appetite for the main entree which is going to be the iPhone 6."

Consumers can expect the latest software packages to be available this fall, and that lines up with when Apple is expected to introduce its newest line of devices.

Last week Eddie Cue, one of Apple's senior executives, said that Apple's product pipeline was the best he'd seen in 25 years and that's a timeframe that includes the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iTunes, so no wonder Apple investors are looking forward to seeing what Apple can churn out next. Josh Lipton, CNBC, San Francisco.

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