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Cramer: 4 trends that work & 1 that doesn’t

Cramer: Good trend, bad trend

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When you get a powerful trend, Jim Cramer says embrace it. And when you get a negative trend, avoid it.

The "Mad Money" host believes those are words to live by, especially if you're looking to put money to work in the stock market, right now.

"At this very moment, oil and gas, the banks, the airlines and the foods are all working," Cramer said. "Conversely, momentum tech isn't."

Following are Cramer's thoughts on each of the themes as well as ways in which to leverage the outlook:

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Oil & Gas

"Oil and gas stocks just won't quit," Cramer said. Largely the "Mad Money" host believes that the growing supply of energy that can be harvested from oil fields across North America should drive gains for some time to come.

"Just this week, we got new data from the Permian Basin, where Pioneer and EOG have huge holdings, that once again the amount of recoverable oil has increased."

Also, Cramer said that the EPA's proposed rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants, effectively forces utilities into natural gas. As a result, "Whoever has spare natural gas is going to have clients out the wazoo. I think even a speculative company like Magnum Hunter makes sense. "


Cramer said because the yield on Treasurys has stabilized and even turned slightly higher, the Street is no longer interpreting low rates as a sign of future economic weakness. In turn, investors are positioning for growth and banks are the lifeblood of growth.

"Personally, I'd play the theme with regional banks in strong areas of the country. I am talking about institutions such as KeyCorp, with branches in the heart of the Utica shale, or SunTrust in the now rebounding south."


Cramer has been a fan of airlines since March 2013, with American and Delta among his favorite ways to play the space, currently. "There is less and less competition and rates are staying strong. Plus, judging from what Boeing's been saying of late, good luck getting a new plane any time soon." All told, Cramer sees every reason for airlines stocks to rally.


Considering the rapid consolidation in the space, Cramer thinks that additional deals may not be far behind.

"Pilgrim's Pride just raised their offer for Hillshire. That comes in response to Thursday's $50/share bid from rival Tyson Foods," Cramer said. And the whole bidding war happened after Hillshire agreed to acquire Pinnacle Foods.

Jim Cramer believes developments reflect a shift underway in the packaged goods sector, broadly.

"In a slow growth world, it is tremendously difficult to raise prices. Therefore, these companies have no choice but to buy other companies in order to drive earnings," Cramer said.

"At what point does the loser just say that it will go buy Bob Evans Farms, with is terrific sausage brand and just sell off the restaurants?" Cramer has also said WhiteWave, JM Smucker, Hain and others may also be in play.

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Momentum Tech

On the other side of coin, Cramer said momentum tech is a trend that just can't get its footing.

"I believe consolidation is the only solution for these stocks," Cramer said. "There must be consolidation. Of course these companies have to be willing to sell themselves."

Until something gives, Cramer would be reluctant to establish new positions in this space. He thinks it's best to remember that even if you don't agree with a negative trend, it's best not to fight it. Instead, just avoid it.

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