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Why new Apple software may not lure away Android users

Tech Yeah! Apple announces iOS 8 social, mobile features

Apple is playing catch-up with new features to its mobile operating system and apps announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference this week.

Apple plans to bring voice and video messaging to its iMessage application, and like SnapChat, the new version of iMessage will allow messages to self-destruct. Apple is also improving its cloud services, pitting itself against companies such as DropBox and Evernote in the realm of file storage.

But those new capabilities aren't likely to lure users away from Android devices, according to Maggie Reardon, a senior writer at CNET.

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"It's much easier for folks if they don't have to go out and use a separate application to do their messaging. And now Apple is making it much easier, adding more functionality," Reardon said.

"Is there enough in there to wow folks who are Google Android users or who are using Google Plus and Google Docs to stop using those things and become Mac and iPhone users? I don't think there's really enough there for that, but I think they've given these hardcore Apple customers reasons to stay, and I think that's been a problem for them particularly in markets like the U.S. I'm hearing a lot of people moving from Apple iPhones to Android," Reardon said.

In order to attract Android users to iOS 8, which will be released this fall, Apple will have to do more than match services that are already out there, according to Reardon.

By CNBC's Althea Chang