Amazon to hold launch event on June 18 amid phone rumors

Source: Amazon said Wednesday it will hold a launch event on June 18 in Seattle, amid ongoing speculation that the company is preparing its own smartphone.

A website allowing customers to request invitations showed a closeup of a black device with Amazon branding on it. The dimensions of the device were not clear from the photo, though.

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Amazon has been rumored to be releasing a smartphone for years and analysts have long speculated about how the e-commerce giant might integrate its current business into a smartphone.

One of the differentiating features analysts expect the device to have is a 3-D display, which would enable 3-D gesture tracking. Such a display would help the company stand out in an already crowded smartphone market.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a device with such technology and Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC earlier this year his company's partners are already integrating its 3-D camera technology into mobile devices.

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It was reported last year that Amazon's phone would be free, but CEO Jeff Bezos denied that the phone would cost nothing.

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Check out the video the company posted below.