Guard Dog, Inc. Corporate Update

WINTER PARK, Fla., June 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guard Dog, Inc. (OTC Markets:GRDO) announced today that the company recently made a change in upper management as part of renewed focus on restoring shareholder value.

Guard Dog, Inc. recently appointed Bill Schaefer as President of the Company. Mr. Schaefer brings to the Company a unique combination of both operational business talent coupled with keen knowledge and understanding of the public markets.

Mr. Schaefer, newly appointed President of Guard Dog, Inc., stated, "I am very pleased and extremely excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for the Company."

Mr. Schaefer further stated, "It is my goal to take the Company and its shareholders into a new and exciting business direction, which will include a new Company name, as well as a new stock symbol with a new Company web site."

Mr. Schaefer is very mindful of preserving shareholder's value. With that in mind, he is ensuring that all necessary action is taken to bring the Company to Current status on OTCMarkets as soon as possible. Additionally, he plans no Company stock splits for the foreseeable future. Mr. Schaefer looks forward to providing additional insight into corporate strategy with further updates in the near term.

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