Summer Travelers Seek More Comfort in Coach

DALLAS, June 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Planning to fly this summer? If you are, chances are you're flying coach since over two-thirds of all available airline seats are in coach. There's also a good chance that the seat you'll be sitting in this summer will be smaller than a similar coach seat would have been a decade ago.

A push by carriers to expand higher-fare sections has shrunk the area devoted to coach on many big jetliners. The result is that airline seats have gotten narrower, with 70% of new jets shipping with narrower seats with less leg room than they had 10 years ago.

That means that more and more travelers are experiencing physical pain and discomfort when flying in coach. John Halter, an inventor who's made a career out of solving problems that affect people's everyday lives, thinks that's why he had to increase the speed at which he makes his latest invention. The Happy Feet Portable Airplane Footrest became a hot gift after it first became available in time for Christmas last year.

The Happy Feet Portable Footrest was designed to provide more comfort in coach. Halter originally invented the gadget for his own use on business trips to the boat shows where his company (Zarcor) sells custom marine accessories. "Every time I used it on a flight, my seatmates immediately want to know where they could buy one for themselves," Halter says. "It's one of those items you don't realize you want and need until you see it, and then you simply have to have it."

The footrest fits into a carry-on, briefcase, purse, or backpack easily, and weighs just a few ounces. It installs quickly on any seat with a tray table on it in front of you. The Happy Feet footrest makes coach travel more comfortable for any flier -- but they're especially helpful to a flier who has ever suffered from the cramped legs, low back pain, or sore thighs after sitting in an airline seat for a long time.

"Happy Feet makes a world of difference to the comfort of coach fliers suffering through the torture that airlines call coach travel these days," Halter says.

The Happy Feet Portable Footrest costs just $24.95, and is available on or directly from the manufacturer at

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