Wee-Cig Joins the $8.6 Billion Energy Drink Market With (The Wee-E) -- A No Nicotine Energy E-Cig

NEW YORK, June 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wee-Cig International Corporation (OTC Pinksheets:WCIG) announces that the Company has created a new one of a kind disposable energy E-Cig known as the "Wee-E". The Wee E is a sleek disposable E-Cig with no nicotine content and is produced in several flavors. Each of the energy E-Cigs will contain one or more of the following flavors Acai Berry, Vitamin C, Green Tea or Ginseng with all of them delivering a rush of energy, antioxidants and improved mental alertness to the vape user.

"By creating the Wee-E, we feel we are reaching out to a whole new market of potential vape users who normally consume energy drinks in order to receive the same potency and benefits as vaping with the Wee-E," states Matt Kelly. "The Wee-E provides a convenient and stylish alternative to the user who wants or needs a boost of energy throughout the day."

Industry Reports indicate that American sales of energy drinks were $8.6 billion in 2012, and is growing year after year with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups vying for a piece of that market sector. Despite the size of the energy drink market, the delivery system on getting a shot of energy has not changed over the years. Experts say that energy boosting ingredients from vaping reach the bloodstream through the lungs more effectively than through the stomach which is how energy drinks deliver their boost. Wee-E can deliver the same rush of energy or more through vaping, thus providing energy drink consumers a choice on either vaping or drinking whenever they want to get a boost for the day.

About Wee-Cig

Wee-Cig International is a technology company focused on being on the cutting edge of vaporization and electronic cigarettes. There are an estimated 1.2 Billion smokers in the world and Wee-Cig looks to be a part of the movement of converting them to E-Cig and vape users.

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Matt Kelly, Director

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