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Game plan: Cramer’s calendar of new opportunities

Need help from Asia & Europe: Cramer

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On Friday both the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average ended at record highs with the viewed by the Street as confirmation that economic conditions are, in fact, continuing to improve.

About 217,000 jobs were added in May, slightly fewer than expected. But it was the first time job growth topped 200,000 for four consecutive months since January 2000, and investor greeted the number with enthusiasm.

Going forward, if the market is to continue making new highs, Jim Cramer says the Street will want to see strength outside the US. And, he also said pros will be looking to see if the consumer remains on track.

For better or worse, the market will get reads on both of those issues, as well as much more, in the week ahead. Following are the events on Jim Cramer's calendar.

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Mon., June 9

Cramer will set his sights on overseas strength Monday with new economic data due out of China. "We get a couple of their inflation gauges. I'll be looking to see if inflation is going down; that's important if Beijing is to have the flexibility to reignite their decelerating economy with stimulus."

Cramer said the results could be market moving because already, sparked by positive data from the US.

"But, as is often the case, to get to the next level, we'll need help from China. I believe the U.S. has taken many stocks about as far as they can go. Asia as well as Europe are going to have to improve for the averages to post double-digit gains for 2014."

Tues., June 10

On Tuesday, Cramer will turn his attention to earnings from retailers in an attempt to glean insights about the consumer. "I want to hear from Ulta Salon. Once a good momentum stock, Ulta has gotten real stuck in the mud. That's usually not a good sign. I'm calling the quarter questionable," Cramer said.

Also on Tuesday, Cramer will be monitoring results from United Natural Foods, another company that he says, "seems to be benefiting from the vicious organic and natural food chain wars." However, Cramer will also be interested in the ripple results may have on Whole Foods, which has seen a 30 percent decline in its stock so far this year. "Maybe the decline will be stemmed," he said.

Wed., June 11

On Wednesday, the high-end consumer comes into focus with earnings from Restoration Hardware. "This is one of those stocks where I like the product so much that I have started following the company closely. If Restoration's numbers are like all of the other high- end retailers, this one could be headed higher."

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Thurs., June 12

On Thursday, Cramer will be closely listening to results from LuluLemon. "I used to love this stock. But endless missed numbers and the departure of a CEO I adored have made me circumspect. LULU is down horrendously for the year, almost 25 percent, but at a certain point, either the CEO will put forth a defined growth path or, at $40 a share, LULU could easily become a takeover target."

Fri., June 13

On Friday, the recovery will again take center stage as new economic data is released. "We get consumer confidence. Has it improved? Bulls better hope so. Then we get the May Producer Price Index, a gauge of inflation. I care tremendously about inflation because it's the one legitimate countervailing force that could really damage the bull. Stay tuned."

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