Dr. Sharon Giese Discusses Demand for Breast Implant Reduction Surgery as Trend for Smaller Breast Size Surges

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NEW YORK, June 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Sharon Giese, board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon, is helping patients undergo a growing trend in plastic surgery, breast reduction. Reduction Mammoplasty is no longer about simply removing breast fat as more women are choosing to downsize their breast implants from previous breast enhancing surgeries.

"There are several reasons a patient may choose to decrease the size of previous breast implants, commonly including menopause and estrogen changes," explains Dr. Giese. "Because menopause can cause breast growth, women who have had past implants may realize that they now want to go down a size, or maybe, they went through some estrogen changes and would now like to downsize."

Sharon Giese MD shares that patients who choose to reduce the size of their implants also have the opportunity to switch to a different type of implant. "In the past, many patients only had the option of saline breast implants," says Dr. Giese. Today, patients enjoy safer, more natural-looking options, including the most recently FDA-approved, 5th Generation Sientra Silicone Gel Implants. The Sientra Silicone Gel Implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures and have a lower rupture rate than any other existing implants available. Additionally, unlike traditional breast implants, Sientra Silicone Gel Implants are only sold to board certified plastic surgeons and are often a top choice for menopausal women looking to downsize their implants.

However, females in the menopausal stage of life aren't the only ones opting for breast reduction surgeries. Dr. Sharon Giese explains that reduction mammoplasty is becoming a growing trend in younger aged women, an opposite trend compared to past generations. This rise comes as the average natural breast size has increased up to a full cup over the past 15 years, which some researchers claim trace back to soy products, common in an abundance of modern day food. Soy is a natural breast enhancer, but as it becomes more abundant in today's food market, an influx of younger women are growing larger bust sizes than in the past. Dr. Giese says this new trend might also be a result of estrogen found in birth control and obesity.

Choosing to undergo reduction mammoplasty comes at a time when patients have more options than ever before. Dr. Sharon Giese offers the Crisalix 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator to show your predicted breast reduction results before your surgery. Crisalix 3D imaging has become increasingly popular for patients looking to reduce breast size, ultimately helping patients choose the perfect size for their body type.

Dr. Sharon Giese points out that it is important to discuss your reduction mammoplasty desires with a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Giese works with all of her patients to find the best cosmetic procedure or combination of cosmetic procedures based on their individual aesthetic desires and what is most suitable based on body type, size, and features. If you are interested in learning more about reduction mammoplasty or the Crisalix 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator, contact Dr. Sharon Giese at our Manhattan office by phone, (212) 421-3400 or request your appointment online to schedule a personal consultation.

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