VivaScan(TM) Non-Invasive 'Optical Biopsy' Comes to Beverly Hills' NIDIskin Consulting

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many people are worried about the appearance of a mole or other lesion on their skin. Those who live in California now have a new option at their disposal: VivaScan, a new procedure being offered at NIDIskin (Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging of the Skin) Consulting, located at 8383 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.

VivaScan is a safe, non-invasive imaging procedure that obtains cellular images of the skin, which can then be analyzed by a physician to make a diagnosis and decide on treatment. Using a handheld confocal microscope, VivaScan produces clear, microscopic images that reveal a level of detail that is equivalent to analyzing a skin tissue sample in a laboratory. Because VivaScan is completely non-invasive and does not damage the skin by removing the tissue from the body the way a biopsy does, it can make unlimited repeat scans of the same area over time.

Babar K. Rao, M.D., Director of NIDIskin Consulting and a confocal pathologist, said, "There is no question that early skin cancer screening can have an impact on treatment outcomes. Yet patients often put off or avoid regular skin checks because they are afraid of needing a biopsy, especially one that might result in a benign diagnosis and turn out to have been unnecessary. VivaScan allows me to determine immediately which moles or spots actually require removal, without any unnecessary biopsies or scarring."

VivaScan, which was developed by Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics (Caliber I.D.), can take cellular level images of entire lesions, layer by layer, at and below the surface of the skin, and can help physicians diagnose most skin diseases and disorders. Since there is no cutting involved, there is also no possibility of infection or scarring. Obtaining an image takes just a few minutes. A qualified doctor can make a determination at the bedside, or the image can be diagnosed remotely through Caliber I.D.'s VivaNet® Telepathology system.

L. Michael Hone, Chief Executive Officer of Caliber I.D., said, "Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the United States, with an estimated 3.5 million new cases each year. Until recently, the only way to diagnose this condition was by visual inspection, followed by an invasive and painful biopsy of suspect areas were found. Laboratory results could take days, and visible areas of the skin could be scarred. Clearly, there is a significant need for a more accurate, less invasive way to assess skin cancers and benign lesions. We believe VivaScan offers this option to the general public on a large scale for the very first time."

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Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics' proprietary, cutting-edge VivaScope® system is a disruptive, noninvasive point-of-care platform imaging technology with numerous applications in dermatology, surgery and research. FDA 510(k) cleared, VivaScope has regulatory approval in most major markets. With 78 issued and pending patents worldwide, VivaScope has the potential to significantly improve outcomes and reduce costs. The VivaScan™ procedure, which utilizes the VivaScope for dermatological examination, allows physicians to detect cancerous lesions that appear benign, and reduces the need for expensive, painful and time-consuming biopsies, which show no malignancy approximately 70% of the time. VivaScope also has significant applications in testing and analysis in the academic, medical and therapeutic research markets. For more information about Caliber I.D. and its products, please visit

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